Aquaman Hits $1 Billion In The Same Weekend It’s Dethroned At The Box Office

Jason Momoa as Aquaman in full costume and trident in 2018 DCEU film
Jason Momoa as Aquaman in full costume and trident in 2018 DCEU film

UPDATE: On Sunday, January 13, 2019, did indeed join the billion dollar club. It currently stands at $1,020,261,781 worldwide — and it’s not done.


All hail the King of the DCEU, Aquaman! That’s right, the dolphin-talking hero who once took the prize for the most laughable member of the Justice League is collecting so much cash at the box office that by Sunday it will hit the $1 billion mark worldwide. Ironically enough, will hit this milestone on the same weekend it will lose its No. 1 spot at the domestic box office, which it has held for three weeks.

is currently at $988,556,781 worldwide, per Box Office Mojo and is expected to take home another $15 to $16 million this weekend after earning $4.5 million on Friday. These big numbers have been the result of ‘s strong and crashing wave over all other titles since the film debuted over the holiday season.

This milestone comes just in time for the waters to settle for as new releases start to come in. The heartwarming drama starring Bryan Cranston and Kevin Hart will be the movie to overthrow , after an estimated $6.95 million earnings on Friday and a $19 to $20 million opening weekend.

The new release is a remake of the 2011 French hit , about an affluent man (Byran Cranston) who becomes quadriplegic after a parasailing accident and jokingly hires an ex-con (Kevin Hart) to be his caregiver. However, Hart’s character takes the job more seriously than he expected and the two form an unlikely bond.

Critics have not been kind to , as many reviews call it a predictable, cheap imitation of the original. Predictable isn’t always a bad thing for moviegoers, as the movie’s audience score is 84% on Rotten Tomatoes. also has bankable stars, including an interesting dramatic turn for comedian Kevin Hart, so it certainly isn’t a surprise it will take the weekend.

will sit atop of all other new releases, including which is expected to open in third place for an $11 million three-day debut, then Ruth Bader Ginsberg biopic at $6.5 million and at a flat $2.4 million during its first weekend.

For the DCEU crowned jewel, its magnificent success wasn’t guaranteed, especially during a packed holiday season of other blockbusters including and . did particularly win over international audiences as about 72% of the film’s box office earnings are thanks to the foreign markets.

On the domestic side of things, is currently at the fifth spot out of six DCEU films money-wise. still has the top spot with over $412 million, while has comparatively made $275 million domestically so far. Last year’s was the lowest-performing DCEU film overall, as it made $229 million domestically and $657 million worldwide.

Fishing for an underwater superhero epic? You can still catch in theaters everywhere.

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