The Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco Shares A Fun Titanic Homage With Johnny Galecki

Johnny Galecki is absolutely nailing a look of total wonder. From the picture, you would never know he is on a “boat” inside a studio and nowhere near the water. That is why they pay cast the big bucks. Jack and Rose have nothing on Leonard and Penny though.

Their love story has pressed on for multiple seasons of the hit sitcom. Rose and Jack’s love story spanned a little over 3 hours on the silver screen. So, in comparison, Leonard and Penny’s combined time should easily have theirs beat. The final season has been an interesting one for duo.

Captioning the picture, Kaley Cuoco promoted the latest episode. The actress recently opened up about how she now feels about the series’ ending with Season 12. Suffice it to say, many of ‘s fans will have no trouble relating.

Speaking of trouble, Penny and Leonard may be in for some during the final season. In Kaley Cuoco’s Instagram post, fans can flip to the next image, which shows Cuoco and Season 12 guest star, Lindsey Kraft. Fans will recognize Kraft as the actress who plays Marissa, the new wife of Penny’s ex Zack.

The episode involved Zack and Marissa making a big ask of Leonard. The couple wants Leonard to biologically sire their child. Having children has been a recurring theme for Penny and Leonard throughout the season. The issue reared its head again in the latest episode of . To recap, Penny does not want to have them, and Leonard does. Although Leonard seemed to concede for a possible reason.

After a lot of back and forth, Penny made a decision. It is up to Leonard if he wants to biologically sire a child for her ex and his wife. Penny remained resolute in her decision to not have a child with Leonard. Having made a choice that impacts Leonard, she decided it is up to him to decide if he wants to donate his DNA.

is in the second half of its final season, so there is not a whole lot of time left to play this story out. Leonard will have to make the call.

Fans of the sitcom will have to tune in to see what Leonard ultimately decides when new episodes of air Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS. The hit comedy is one of many shows airing new episodes in the midseason.

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