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Jennifer Lopez Opens Up About Relationship Failures

It’s no secret that Jennifer Lopez has fallen in and out of love before… often in a rather public fashion. Like many of us, JLo has loved and lost. But it is often a bigger media storm when something happens in Lopez’s love life than when most people find themselves smitten or heartbroken. It is safe to say that Lopez’s ...

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Breaking Bad Is Getting A Game Tie-In

The hit AMC show , which ended back in 2013, still lives on as one of the best pieces of television drama ever produced. There have been lots of talks about a possible spin-off into a game, but it never really materialized until now. According to The Hollywood Reporter, there’s a new project in the works from FTX Games based ...

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Mariah Carey Suing Former Assistant For Millions

You don’t want to get on Mariah Carey’s bad side. The musician made that abundantly clear this week. Lianna Azarian was once Carey’s assistant, but those days have long since past. Now, Mariah is looking to receive millions of dollars from Azarian, claiming that she recorded “embarrassing” videos of Carey without the celebrity’s knowledge. When Azarian threatened to release the ...

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